Excerpt from the Borden Golf Club Constitution Section 2: Membership

2.1 - Membership Categories

  1. Categories - The following membership categories are recognized by the BGC: (Note: For the purposes of this document, a "dependant" is defined as: a spouse (married or common-law) of a Regular, Ordinary or Associate member or an individual who meets the criteria outlined for Junior Members or as Student Dependant Children Member.
    1. Regular Members - The following are eligible for regular membership:
      1. members of the Regular Force and their dependants
      2. members of the Reserve Force and their dependants while on continuous Class "B" or "C" Reserve Service at CFB Borden and lodger units during the entire period of 15 Apr through 15 Oct of the current membership year
      3. foreign military personnel on duty with the Canadian Forces (CF) and their dependants
    2. Ordinary Members  - The following are eligible for ordinary membership:
      1. Public servants employed on the base and NPF employees and their dependants. Civilian employees and their dependants under term contract are only eligible for Ordinary Membership during the period of the contract
      2. current members of the RCMP and former members of the RCMP in receipt of an annuity and their dependants
    3. Associate Members - Individuals without military affiliation may become members of BGC if sponsored by a BGC member, subject to final approval of the Chairperson and the restriction imposed in Part 2.2 a.  Sponsors shall co-sign the Associate Member application form.  Membership shall be for a term of one golf season with no guarantee of renewal.
  2. Sub-categories - For the purpose of setting membership fees, the BGC also recognizes a further subdivision of membership as follows:
    1. Family Members - Defined as two (2) adult golfers and their dependant child/children. Dependant children must qualify as either a Junior Member Part 2.1 b. iv. or as Student Dependant Children Member Part 2.1 b. v
    2. Single Parent Family Members - Defined as those who would otherwise qualify for Regular or Ordinary membership and are single, widowed, legally separated or divorced. Dependant children must qualify as either a Junior Member Part 2.1 b. iv. or as Student Dependant Children Member Part 2.1 b. v
    3. Couple Members - Must be married or common law
    4. Junior Members - Defined as having had their eighth (8th) birthday by 15 Oct but not their nineteenth (19th) birthday by 15 April, in the current membership year
    5. Student/Dependant Members - Defined as the child of a BGC member who has had their nineteenth (19th) birthday but not their twenty-fifth (25th)  birthday by 15 April of the current membership year and is enrolled at a post-secondary institution. A student member must have a current student ID

      Private or Officer Cadet Members - Holds the rank of Private or Officer Cadet as of 15 April of the current membership year
    6. Senior Members - For purposes of tournament play, defined by the RCGA, CLGA and the GAO as 55 years of age before 15 April of the current membership year
    7. Honorary Members - The Golf Course Committee, as outlined in Part 2.2 b.,  may recommend the privilege of Honorary Membership in recognition of an individual who has made a significant contribution to the BGC

2.2 - Membership Guidelines

  1. Associate Membership

    1. The General Manager shall periodically assess the overall impact of Associate membership throughout the year.  The report of the findings shall be presented to the Golf Course Committee for a formal review of the number of memberships offered.  The Golf Course Committee shall insure that the total number of Associate members does not adversely affect participation and play for Regular/Ordinary members. If it becomes necessary to reduce Associate membership, it will be on a last-in/first-out method based on the date of initial, uninterrupted membership.
  2. Honorary Membership - The following guidelines apply to Honorary Memberships, which may be granted as follows:
    1. In exceptional circumstances, or upon the recommendation of the Golf Course Committee, the Chairperson may approve an honorary membership in recognition of outstanding contribution to the BGC.
    2. An honorary membership shall be granted for a specific period of time up to and including lifetime membership.  For the authorized period, an honorary member shall be afforded all the privileges associated with regular membership but not pay the annual membership dues.  They will, however, be required to pay all other costs associated with membership (i.e. tournament fees/trail and storage fees, etc).
    3. Honorary   Membership is a taxable benefit and therefore a list of Honorary Members will be provided to NPF Accounting at the end of each golf season for the purpose of issuing the appropriate taxation documents.
    4. The list of Honorary Members will be approved annually at the beginning of each season.  Additions to this list during the season will require individual approval as per article 2.2.b (i.)vi         Honorary Members will not be counted when determining the count for membership categories. membership year.